Krystal Forscutt

Krystal Forscutt nude in Big Brother

Krystal is topless getting undressed in Big Brother

KRYSTAL FORSCUTT gets my vote for the hottest Big Brother babe in the history of the world ever! The Aussie beauty shot to fame in Australia’s BB6 in 2006 and wowed male viewers just by looking incredible 24/7 for her three month stay.

Upon leaving the house the gorgeous Krystal has been much in demand for various photoshoots and video shoots for lads mags such as Zoo Weekly. Unfortunately she doesn’t get naked in these, they are only softcore, but she looks as stunning as ever. If you want to see her nude though, we have 11 explicit clips of her from her time on the show on our Australia page.


Aisleyne Wallace

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace nude

Aisleyne shows more than she intended after a night out

AISLEYNE HORGAN WALLACE came 3rd in BB7 in July 2006 and since then has been taking every opportunity to flash her bits in public and keep herself in the public eye.

Recently she was spotted getting into her car rather ungracefully after a booze-fuelled night out, and looking a little the worse for wear her unladylike demeanour meant the paparazi could poke their lenses right between her legs and shoot this great upskirt pic, which shows her pussy lips peeking slightly out the bottom of her lacy panties. What a slag!

You can see a video clip of her bare arse on the UK page.

Sam Heuston

Sam Heuston's breast

Drunk Sam gets her left boob out for the baying paparrazi

SAM HEUSTON was a very sexy contestant from UK BB7 who got voted off after only a few weeks because she was obviously only there to look pretty and get some exposure for a career posing in lads mags.

In this pic she seems to confirm that she has no discernible talent whatsoever, other than getting her bits out for the paparazzi to keep her in the public eye. Although to be fair they are very nice bits so I’m not complaining in the least.

And I like the blonde look Sam, it suits you. See more of her on the UK page.

Sabrina Sabrok

Sabrina Sabrok nude

Check out Sabrina's massive tits from her Playboy spread

SABRINA SABROK is a very hot and popular redhead who came 4th in Big Brother Mexico VIP 2005. She was famous before that as a singer, model and TV presenter.

The most notable thing about sexy Sabrina is her massive chest. She has 43GGG boobs (no, I didn’t accidentally hit the ‘G’ key too many times) thanks to her plastic surgeon. And she was kind enough to whip them out a few times whilst in the house.

However, I’ve only just discovered she was naked in Playboy back in 2003, which is where the photo on the left is from. There are plenty more images from that Playboy issue in our Archives and clips of her topless in the BB house in the ‘Mexico’ section of the Others page.

Linni Meister

Linni Meister nude

Linni Meister shows off her terrible boob job

LINNI MEISTER is most famous for being the BB Norway slut who had a home sex tape stolen and then leaked onto the net. Back then she was a nubile stunner with a decent rack, but she’s since had a boob job and I have to say it’s a pretty bad one. Judge for yourself, but it looks like someone’s stuck two melons on her chest – look how far apart her tits are!

What’s more, she recently released a cover of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’ and it was about as successful as her breast enlargement. Which is probably why you’ve never heard of it.

You can watch her music video here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Or if you’d prefer to watch her sex tape, visit the Sex Tapes page.

Amy Alexandra

Amy Alexandra topless

Amy's huge breasts are a delight!

AMY ALEXANDRA didn’t last long in the UK BB 8 show, but she still had time to have a quick fumble with lucky Liam before she got the boot. In the real world she’s a glamour model and I found this awesome photo of her topless. Check out her big natural breasts – she’s not the prettiest girl in the world but those melons are to die for.

I’m not sure whether this was taken before her brief stint of fame in the house or after, but to be honest, who cares.

There are more pictures of Amy naked (and a vid of her rubbing lotion onto her huge bare boobs) during her short but sweet time in the house on the UK page.

Channelle Hayes

Chanelle naked

Chanelle poses nude for a sexy photo shoot

CHANELLE HAYES has wasted no time since she walked out of the house in getting herself an agent and starting to do the lucrative magazine shoots. She strips completely but frustratingly always has her hand or bra in the way of the good bits. Still, they’re very sexy shots.

If you want to see more explicit stuff check out some nipple slip and upskirt pics of her on the UK page. Fingers crossed in the meantime that we get to see some proper nudity from her in the future (please God let it be a sex tape).

Charley Uchea

Charley Uchea's nipple slips

Drunk Charley has a nipple slip after a night out

CHARLEY UCHEA was the most hated person in UK 2007 but once the public got their way and she finally went, the show was poorer without her. She created havoc and headlines in the house and even now BB is over, she continues to do the same on the London party scene.

In this cool photo however Charley got careless and a paparazzi caught her nipple peeking out of her blouse. Serves her right for going braless (although I doubt she minds the extra publicity those lovely big tits bring her).

See more from her on the UK page.

Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas nude

Sexy Imogen goes topless for a naughty photoshoot

IMOGEN THOMAS is a rival to Krystal Forscutt for the title of ‘Hottest Big Brother Babe in the Universe Ever’.

This Welsh stunner was in British BB7 (although not for long enough in my opinion) and although she didn’t get nude, an ex-boyfriend leaked a sex tape of the two of them fucking on holiday before she was famous (you can see this tape in its entirety on the Sex Tapes page). Obviously the quality is a bit fuzzy and wobbly as it’s basically an amateur porn film, so this picture taken from a Zoo photoshoot is the first really good, high res image of her. About time too!

And if you fancy seeing a great video clip of this shoot showing her topless and being interviewed in just her underwear, click here.

Emma Cornell

Emma Cornell nude

Emma poses topless for a men's mag

EMMA CORNELL was the best thing about the Australian show in 2007.

This stunning blonde didn’t get naked in the house (well, not for us to see anyway) but boy did she make up for it when she got out. She went and did a fully nude shoot for Zoo Australia, even spreading her legs wide in a couple of provocative photos (but annoyingly putting her hand over her pussy). Her luscious round ass and fantastic plastic rack are on display though.

See more nudity from her on our Australia page.

Shanessa Reilly

Shanessa Reilly

Shanessa's saggy boobs hang out of her top

SHANESSA REILLY was one of the halfway housemates who entered the Britain ’07 show with a few weeks to go.

To be fair she gave us plenty of nudity (which you’d expect from an extrovert stripper and escort) but unfortunately she is so unattractive it did nothing for me. However, I did like this picture because it shows her saggy boob accidentally falling out of her slutty pink dress and that turns me on.

So although I refuse to dilute the quality of hot girls on this site with the likes of Shanessa, I will allow this one oops pic on the grounds that accidental nude photos are hot no matter how ugly the woman is.

Tania D’Nascimento

Tania D'Nascimento nude

Tania D'Nascimento has a nipple slip

TANIA D’NASCIMENTO was a sexy brunette HM from Big Brother 4 in England. I was disappointed we didn’t see her tits or ass when she was on the show, but I’ve just found this brilliant pic years later and now I’m happy again!

Obviously she’s been on a night out and is probably very drunk as her large right breast is hanging out of her shirt, although I can’t tell whether her cute friend is trying to help it back in or pulled it out in the first place!

Either way it’s a sexy image.

Amber Tomcavage

Amber topless

Amber shows her tits whilst changing

AMBER TOMCAVAGE may not have been the hottest HG in BB8, but she got naked the most times. Which makes her a swell gal!

She wasn’t shy about sunning herself nude and didn’t seem to mind the cameras as she was dressing, never bothering to cover herself up. The single mother had a reasonable rack on her and that goes a long way in my book, even though we all would’ve preferred to see Jen, Danielle or Jessica undressed. Oh well.

Jen Johnson

Busty Jen Johnson

Jen Johnson almost falls out of her bikini

JEN JOHNSON was a house guest on US Big Brother 8 and even though the pretty nanny from LA was evicted quite early on, we got some good sights of her lovely toned body (mainly because she wore teeny tiny bikinis).

There was a nice bikini compilation of the show on YouTube (but it’s been deleted now) which was as good as it got from Jen in what was a disappointing season for nudity from the more attractive of the female contestants.

Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton nude

Chantelle is topless for this Page 3 pic for the Daily Star

CHANTELLE HOUGHTON won UK Celebrity Big Brother 4 in 2006. Which was ironic because she wasn’t a celeb when she went into the house – she was a member of the public put in to try and convince the real celebs that she was in a girl band. And even more ironic is that she won and therefore really did become a proper celebrity!

She also married one of the other celebs (singer Preston of ‘The Ordinary Boys’) although they’ve since divorced. Poor Chantelle still loves Preston though and when they appeared together on the Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 she poured her heart out to him and said she wanted him back, but alas he rejected her overtures. What a homo!

Orlaith McAllister

Orlaith Mcallister nude

Irish babe Orlaith McAllister poses topless

ORLAITH McALLISTER has been a busy girl since she appeared on UK BB6 and famously had her boobs groped and fondled by horny Anthony in the pool. 

The Irish girl with fantastic long legs wasn’t shy about taking her clothes off in the house and has carried that on, appearing topless in loads of men’s mags and doing naked photoshoots.

Orla gets my vote as one of the sexiest BB babes ever, so it’s no wonder she’s still in demand years after appearing on the show.

See naked pics and videos from all the British Big Brother shows on the UK page.